The Bonnell Cove Foundation

Associated with the Cruising Club of America and anchored by a donation of land on Block Island by George P.P. Bonnell, charter member and former Commodore of CCA, the Foundation supports innovative projects dealing with the marine environment and safety at sea.
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In recent years the Bonnell Cove Foundation has funded essential elements of school and museum youth programs, environmental research, habitat restoration, medical research, search and rescue products, overboard rescue techniques and boating education. For a summary of grants made to date in 2021 go to Recent Grants

The Bonnell Cove Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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Center for Coastal Studies


Center for Coastal Studies was granted $8,890

This scientific research organization in Massachusetts received a

grant to study white sharks in the near-shore waters off Cape Cod

using underwater video systems and data analysis to best inform public safety

Hudson River Community Sailing

 Hudson River Community Sailing Granted $10,000

This New York City based academic program providing youth oriented sailing and

maritime education, received a $10,000 grant to support a hands-on learning program for 10

students to develop, build and study artificial aquatic marine life habitats in New York Harbor.

Hudson River Community Sailing

Hudson River Community Sailing received $5,000 for the Ocean Literacy Program that develops environmental stewardship in New York City high school students specifically to launch the Hudson Estuary Litter Prevention marine debris program

Friends of Casco Bay

Friends of Casco Bay received $7,500 for the Citizen Science Initiative to recruit and train volunteer boaters as citizen scientists to establish a baseline of biological indicators of environmental health.   

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Chesapeake Bay Foundation received $5,000 for safety repairs to their skipjack Stanley Norman which they use for educational programs for school classes.

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Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea (San Francisco) received $5,541 for a new 16-person life raft allowing more participants aboard their schooner Seaward

Research Database

Gulf of Maine Research Institute (Maine) received $5,000 toward a matching grant to set up a database to coordinate sources of environmental research.

Less Litter

Hudson River Community Sailing (New York) received $5,000 for their Hudson Estuary Litter Prevention. City students witness the consequences of plastic and debris in the water. They present what they learn to wider circles of students.

Lifesaving Manual

Hull Lifesaving Museum (Massachusetts) received $3,000 to revise and distribute a safety manual that can be used by other boating groups.