The following is a brief summary of grants made by the Board of Trustees at its meeting in March, 2015:

Annapolis Maritime Museum (Maryland) received $3,000 for their Oyster Education Program that connects over 1,000 school children to the environment of Chesapeake Bay.

Call of the Sea (San Francisco) received $5,541 for a new 16-person life raft allowing more participants aboard their schooner Seaward

C. C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regata (Rhode Island) received $7,625 for research and development of life jackets that better suit the needs of sailors with disabilities.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute (Maine) received $5,000 toward a matching grant to set up a database to coordinate sources of environmental research..

Husaon River Community Sailing (New York) received $5,000 for their Hudson Estuary Litter Prevention. City students witness the consequences of plastic and debris in the water. They present what they learn to wider circles of students.

Hull Lifesaving Museum (Massachusetts) received $3,000 to revise and distribute a safety manual that can be used by other boating groups.

Marine Applied Research and Exploration (California) received $7,500 for follow up underwater habitat assessment ten years after fishing was banned near the Channel Islands.

Mystic Seaport Museum (Connecticut) received $1,600 for new harnesses and tethers for their offshore programs.

Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Foundation. (Washington) received $5,117 for derelict fishing gear removal.

Nova Scotia Land Trust (Nova Scotia) received $10,000 toward purchasing the 100 Wild Islands off Nova Scotia. The grant is to be matched 100%.