The following is a brief summary of grants made by the Board of Trustees in Spring 2019::

Recent Grants from Spring 2019

  • Annapolis Maritime Museum received $4000 for developing envoronmental Lessons
  • Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science received $4000 for safety equipment  
  • Call of the Sea received $4586.20 for a life raft
  • Coalition for Buzzards Bay received $$3000 for water quality instruments
  • Coral Reef Alliance  received $5000 for creating a water purification Park
  • Friends of Casco Bay received $2500 for recruitment of marine observers
  • Maine Maritime Museum received $3500 for their First Imprreesions project
  • Massachusetts Lobster Men's association received $4000 for the testing of the use of reduced strength redline lobster gear in preventing entanglement with Atlantic Right Whales.
  • Northwest School of Wodden Shipbuilding received $7500 for construction of "Clean Bay" an ZERO emission boat to be used for marine pumpout
  • Nova Scotia Nature Trust received $5000 for Tusket Islands Preservation
  • Save the Bay received $2310 for the purchase of a new trawl net
  • Sea Education Association received $4650 for the purchase of Peristaltic pumps
  • Vashon/Maury Island Nature Center received $4000 for Marine/environment education support

Grants from Fall 2018:

  • Bellingham Bay Community Boating received $8000 for safety equipment
  • Center for Coastal Studies received $5000
  • World Ocean School received $9513